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To address the growing necessity to link research and action in the field of Development Education (DE), the Centre of African Studies of Porto University (CEAUP) and the Gonçalo da Silveira Foundation (FGS), started the project DE Synergies: Know to act better - promoting research about action in DE in Portugal, in 2013. The project achieved highly relevant results and notable recognition.

Following on this, in 2016, the project DE Synergies: Strengthening the link between research and action in Development Education in Portugal, emerged, enhancing the motivation to expand the investigation and now counting with the support of a new partner, CIDAC. This project deepened, reinforced, and widened the links and processes which started beforehand.

In 2018, the CEAUP and FGS embraced the challenge once again, giving rise to the project DE Synergies: Consolidating the dialogue between research and action in DE in Portugal. This third edition aimed to emphasize the varied bonds that had been previously created, assuming the constitution of the DE Synergies Community and its involvement, based on four specific lines of action: Collaboration, Capacity building, Knowledge and Communication.

The timeline of these three editions of the project is available here.

2020 marked the start of the 4th edition of the DE Synergies project, which is, again, promoted collaboratively by CEAUP and FGS. This edition, titled DE Synergies: Widening the relationships and collaborative learning between action and research in Development Education. The project embraces the challenge of widening the coverage and expand the quality of the relationships and collaborative learning between action and research actors, within the field of DE (specific objective), with the main goal of reinforcing the reach and quality of DE intervention in Portugal, envisioning social transformation (general objective).

In order to achieve this, the project aims to: a) widen and deepen the spaces of encounter and exchange from the DE Synergies Community, fomenting the emergence of collective action processes within different scopes of intervention, b) boosting the production, critical reflection and dissemination of knowledge in DE, looking to influence both policy and practice; c) and promoting and disseminating learnings about DE and its role in social transformation, through collaborative processes which involve actors from different backgrounds.

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