This Bridge 47– commissioned report by Rene Suša provides a thorough overview of current debates and opportunities within the field of Global Citizenship Education (GCE). The report addresses the following questions:

1) What is the benefit of GCE to our societies?

2) What is the impact of GCE to our societies? and

3) Why do we believe that GCE is the answer to global challenges?

Using social cartography as its principal methodological lens, the report presents and engages with a multitude of GCE-related topics, including different understandings of the concept, competing academic and practical trajectories in the field, as well as current opportunities for collaboration within and beyond the relevant sectors.

Social cartographies map different debates and approaches (discourses) within specific fields in order to offer more complex analysis that examine multiple perspectives or understandings of key issues and concepts.

The publication also maps GCE-related or GCE-inspired initiatives, projects, and partnerships, and offers key findings from a comparative study of these cases.

The final section of the report offers examples of three different narratives about GCE for three different target groups (policy makers, potential new partners, interested individuals) that work to create space for more critical (non-mainstream) approaches to GCE.

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