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  • Editors: Helmuth Hartmeyer,  Liam Wegimont
  • Language: English
  • Data de publicação: 2016
  • Pages: 252
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This book marks the 15th anniversary of the work of Global Education Network Europe (GENE), networking  policy makers for increased and improved Global Education in Europe. It explores key issues in contemporary Global Education in Europe: issues of national strategy, of structure development, of policy learning and engagement within education systems. It outlines challenges in research, practice, policy and conceptual development, through detailed analysis of national and international case studies. The book will be of use to policy makers, educationalists, researchers and practitioners in the fields of education, international development, human rights and sustainability.



Introduction and Acknowledgements

Global Education in Europe: European Policy Development Growing Access in Europe for Global Education Helmuth Hartmeyer, Liam Wegimont

Global Education in European Countries: National Strategy Development

Overview: Strategy Development in Europe

Developing and Implementing a National Strategy for Global Learning in Austria – Helmuth Hartmeyer

A National Strategy for Global Development Education in the Czech Republic. An Initiative from Below Meeting Development from Above – Petra Skalická, Lenka Sobotová (revised by Zuzana Hlavickova)

A Portuguese Strategy for Development Education. From Recent Experience to New Challenges – Luísa Teotónio Pereira


Global Education in European Countries: National Structures

GENE Overview of National Structures – Jean-Marie Krier

Global Education in Belgium – Dirk Bocken

Germany: Global Education for a Sustainable Future for Everybody – Anita Reddy

Global Education in Poland – Janina Moryc, Patrycja Szewczyk


Global Learning in Education Systems

Overview: Moving from “Targeting” to Integration, Coordination, Engagement and Change

Short History of Global Education in Finland. From the Perspective of a Curriculum Developer – Liisa Jääskeläinen

The DICE Project in Ireland. Development Education and Intercultural Education – Maeve Martin, Aoife Titley, Siobhán Sleeman

Sustainable Implementation of Global Awareness in Educational Systems. A Dutch Contribution – Frans van den Boom, Jos Zuylen

The Global School in Sweden. Educating Schools for Global Sustainability – Victoria Palmgren


Pan-European Perspectives in Global Education – Differing Stakeholders and Sectors

Overview: Shifting European Perspectives

NGOs in Global Education. From Promoting Aid towards Global Citizen Empowerment for Change – Johannes Krause

Developing a Research Culture for Global Learning – Doug Bourn

Progress and Development through the European Global Education Peer Review Process – Eddie O’Loughlin (revised by Helmuth Hartmeyer)


Global Education in Europe – Challenges in Practice, Policy and Theory

Overview: Practice, Policy and Theoretical Challenges

Whose Reality Counts? On Southern Perspectives in Global Education in Europe – John Y. Jones, Arnfinn Nygaard

Global Education and Social Change. The Imperative to Engage with Different Discourses – Vanessa Andreotti

What Do We Know about Global Learning and What Do We Need to Find Out? A Summary of Empirical Evidence – Annette Scheunpflug, Rainer Mehren

Global Education Paradigm Shifts, Policy Contexts, Conceptual Challenges and a new Model of Global Education – Liam Wegimont

Global Education in Europe Looking Back, Looking Forward – Liam Wegimont, Helmuth Hartmeyer

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